Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ARC Review Wanted Series #2 --Vodka shots

ARC Review
Wanted 2-Vodka Shots
Marteeka Karland
Changeling press

                Though Vodka shots is a second in a series, the back-story worked seamlessly into the dialogue and narrative, so I had no trouble following the story. Marteeka Karland did what every author should. She captured me from the first paragraph of this book and sent me reeling into her space fantasy. This book has everything a reader would want: Intrigue, action filled with descriptive scenes, amazing sex, love and most of all, believable characters. Now let me tell you all little about this book.
                Dmitry is furious that his woman, Karri betrayed him, and even upon finding out she did so to save her five-year-old daughter, it doesn’t snuff out his fiery hurt and anger. Upon finding her, Dmitry wants Karri to pay for her deception, and upon finding himself alone with her, they have angry, yet consensual sex. Which by the way, is written tastefully, and so full of emotion, it took me for a ride as well.
                Kari is truly sorry for hurting Dimitry, but she feels justified for what she did. Dmitry has a need, so primal and true when it comes to Karri. Quite an issue with a man who wants to punish and hate the woman who left him without a word. I’ll let you read the book to discover how the two of them deal with all that hot steamy emotion brewing between them.
                The battle scenes were so descriptive I could see the expressions of their faces, feel the heat of the lasers, and gasp when I thought they were at a point of defeat. Even the scene where two vodka shots were upon the bar was imaginative—Marteeka adds a bit of intrigue there when Dmitry sees what’s really in his shot glass… Yeah, your eyebrow rose on that one, didn’t it?
                I hope to see more of Hawk, Dmitry’s partner and friend, in the next of this series. Good god, he is HOT. Like any other reader who delves into the pages of this book, it leaves me wanting to discover the new relationship Hawk is embarking on at the end of this book.
                More than learning more about the characters,  I especially want to read more of this author’s style of writing. Marteeka Karland gets right into the action, taking the reader along on the adventure into space.
                Vodka shots is a fitting name, as its high quality goes down smooth and warms your body. This book is strictly adult content, so be ready to be singed with the heat of the love scenes and reality of the human emotion in this sci-fi read. (Marteeka Karland also created the cgi cover art on this book.)



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