Saturday, February 19, 2011

SumShine Saturday~~Rejections

Rejection, refusal, denial, rebuff, denunciation, dismissal, elimination--All these words mean the same thing. In this case, it means the answer to your query letter is NO.

 Rejections are a painful part of a writer's journey.  It's like running a marathon and falling just short of the finish line.  You can see where you want to be, but must have endurance to get up and continue.  The road to publication is full of skinned knees. I wish I could offer an easy fix to the pain of a negative response in your mailbox.  Rejection is so … so brutal. I know that, but it gets easier. I promise.

 No one outside the writing world really understands the reasoning behind the drive of a writer. They cannot fathom why anyone would submit their body and mind to self-imposed, sleep deprived, solitary confinement in front of a computer writing for hours at a time. Therefore, refrain from telling anyone other than your fellow writers about your rejections. They can't empathize. Fellow writers can. After accepting their hugs, place a band-aid over your ever-thickening skin and move forward.
Every writer receives rejection letters. Like baby steps, the first one is the hardest, the next a little easier, and then you do not stumble anymore. You persevere, and head to the post office with a new pile of queries. You will never receive an acceptance letter if you don't.

Post every rejection by your desk. Someday, you will smile and say, "Those are the steps it took to get to publication."



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