Saturday, April 16, 2011


She turned her face unto the sun,
clamoring to ease the chill.
Her soul iced with the clutch of grief
while tears paid the Reaper's bill.

She ran her hand over the soil
blanketing the earthen grave.
His blood had soaked the battle ground
for the lives at home he saved.

A stately flag of his homeland
draped the chiseled, grey headstone.
She bowed her head and prayed for strength
to bear their future alone.

With ev'ry beat, her wounded heart
yearned for his loving embrace.
Her smile and comfort, now extinct,
etched anguish upon her face.

Swallowing grief, she stood to go;
The chubby hands warmed her own.
Finding survival through the loss,
she led their young twins back home.

~JM Powers~Author


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