Saturday, March 19, 2011

SumShine Saturday ~*~Jane Goes Batty

Jane Goes Batty
ARC (advance reader copy) review 
The premise of Jane Austen, a two-hundred year undead author among the modern world is intriguing, but adding the fact she is a vampire, quite inept with her powers, is hilarious. Her former lover, Lord Byron, tries to teach her the ways of a vampire, but Jane is a bumbling and reluctant student. Their dialogue and interaction made me laugh out loud.
Using the name Jane Fairfax, she runs a bookstore and writes romance novels. In love with a mortal, Walter, Jane struggles with the choice of divulging her undead status. Jane's world turns even crazier when Walter announces his mother is coming to meet her. Adding to the insanity, Jane is abandoned by her editor, stalked by a camera crew, a vampire hunter, and someone from her past who wants to end her life forever. The romance convention in her town, in period costume no less, brings everything to a head—proving to be a very batty situation indeed.
I highly recommend this book. Michael Thomas Ford proves the vampire romance genre is not dead.  

~*~Summer Wench


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