Saturday, February 26, 2011

SumShine Saturday~~Too many cooks won't spoil the pudding

Is there such a thing as too many minds working toward a goal? After setting up this blog site with my wenches, I found the answer to be no. Each wench, strong willed and full of opinions, made an effort to consider each other's input to make it a site to be proud of. 
We need to take the same attitude with our writing.
Consider joining a writers group. There are plenty of online writing communities if crowded gatherings are not your cup of wench ale. Critiques from other writers are, for the most part, honest. They can identify things you missed.  Sometimes a writer is too close to their work to see the flaws. Did I make that sound simple? Well, its not. You must prepare yourself. The first step—develop skin thicker than the film on yesterday's pudding.
 No one wants to hear his or her writing is … well, not perfect. After reading a critique, don't respond right away. Take a breath, put it aside and look at it the next day.  Does the feedback you initially perceived as negative now seem helpful?  Be objective.  I told you it isn't easy. In order to improve, you must take a risk, let others read your work, and graciously accept feedback. Take the critiques seriously! I'm not suggesting simply taking their word at face value. You need to validate input with your own research. When you incorporate what you learn into your writing, compare it to your first draft. You will see how valuable considering others input is.
Now, where is that pudding?


Anonymous said...

My writing has increased tremendously after finding the right critique group.

Wench Writers said...

I know what you mean, Medeia Sharif. FanStory is a fantastic one. I appreciate your feedback. :)
Summer Wench

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